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Performance Training

The mission of Culprit Athletics is to positively change lives in the community through sports performance training. We strive for excellence and seek to produce the utmost discipline in athletes, while also fostering creativity, encouraging teamwork, and supplying them with tools for life.
  • Competitive Cheerleading

    Allstar Teams, School Teams, Tumble and Stunt Classes

  • Gymnastics

    Beginner's Classes to Competitive Teams

  • Dance

    Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Break dancing

  • Performance Training

    All sports training, powered by Parisi Strength Systems

Performance Coaches

We strive to make a difference in each athlete's life.
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Austin Culp

Owner and Head Coach
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Landis Johnson

Team Coach for GHSA School Teams, Allsatr Teams, and everything else.
Landis is the always the best athlete in the room. Always.
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Shania Green

Pre-Team Competitive Cheerleading Coach, Pre-Team Gymnastic Coach, tumble, stunt, ballet, FIT and more. Shania is the all-around champ when it comes to coaching at Culprit. There isn’t anything in the gym she doesn’t do or coach!
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Alayna Culp

Tumble, Stunt, and Dance. Alayna coaches tumble and stunt you will find at Culprit, but you can occasionally find her in the dance studio teaching Hip Hop and Contemporary styles of Dance.
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Dean Haynes

Speed and Strength Coach
If anyone can help you achieve your speed and strength goals, Dean can!
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Tyler Hudson

Speed and Strength Coach with a soccer specialty.
Tyler will outwork you. In the weight room and on the field. His leadership is unmatched!
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Arika Culp

Head Coach for ALLSTAR Competitive Cheerleading and Competitive Gymnastic Team
Arika is one of the original Culprit coaches who is continuing to deliver a high level of coaching; from choreography to tumble, to stunt, there are few who rival Coach Arika!
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Bianca Mobbs

Competitive Cheer, Tumble, Stunt, and Culprit FIT. Bianca is a true Culprit All-around coach!
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Katie Fleming

Lead Tumbling Coach, Gymnastic Coach, and Strength Coach.
No one messes with Coach Katie!
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Makayla Karabensch

Tumble, Stunt, and Gymnastics Coach. Makayla is one of Culprit’s finest. You can find her out-smiling everyone on the floor!
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Austin Morgan

Parkour and Freerunning Coach.
Mr. Morgan lives what he teaches.

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