September 14, 2016

Camps and Clinics

Culprit Summer Camps: Give your child the ultimate athletic experience this summer with our Summer Sports Camps! Our camps are for boys and girls ranging from ages 7 to 15, and will introduce your child to every program Culprit has to offer! Summer camps begin the first week of June, and they continue for 8 weeks throughout the course of the summer. You can pick and choose the week(s) your child wants to participate in, or you can purchase the entire summer for a discounted rate. Your young athlete will maximize their potential both athletically and academically, and in many other ways as well. Our camp programs fill up quickly, so if you want your child to spend the summer in a healthy and fun environment, then reserve their spot today!

We also run short camps during Christmas break. Check our Facebook and our Instagram pages for updates regarding those particular camps.

Culprit Clinics: Culprit Athletics is all about breaking plateaus. Sometimes an athlete simply needs a little push, and clinics can be a great way to make that happen. We offer a variety of different clinics that are sure to give your athlete a boost of confidence along with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their chosen sport. Whether your child needs to prepare for an upcoming competition, or perhaps he or she simply wants to improve their skills, we can help. No matter the goal, our programs are designed to produce results.

  • Performance Clinics: Our Parisi Speed School will have your young athlete jumping higher, running faster, and building more strength in no time! From lifting basics to speed training, this program will help your child refine his or her skills and provide them with the fundamentals needed to become a more successful athlete, regardless of their chosen sport. The Parisi Speed School is a new and exclusive program at Culprit Athletics, and it is something we are proud to introduce and implement. We invest our fullest potential into our athletes, and we want to see your son or daughter succeed!
  • Gymnastic Event Clinics: Gymnastics is one of our biggest programs here at Culprit Athletics. We have a team of incredibly dedicated and professionally trained coaches who provide our athletes with all of the skills needed to be effective gymnasts. We focus on everything from flexibility to strength, and have the staff and knowledge to accommodate abilities. So whether you are strong on one event and weak on another, our Gymnastics Event Clinic will help you makeup and improve whatever skills you may be lacking in.
  • PreTryout Clinics: It’s no secret: tryouts of any kind are a big deal. In an attempt to help ease some of the anxiety and nerves that lead up to trying out for a sport or team, we offer Pre-tryout Clinics. Our Pre-tryout Clinics are an essential for any athlete who may be preparing for an upcoming tryout and needs to brush up on their skills. Whether your child is trying out for their very first time, or preparing to move up from a middle school level to a high school level, our clinics can help. Our staff at Culprit Athletics knows first hand what it is like to prepare for an important tryout, and we all want to help ensure that your child has as pleasant and successful of an experience as possible!