November 22, 2015


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Culprit Gymnastics is designed around the serious competitor. Our focus is the fundamentals. We build our athletes up through flexibility, strength, and basic progressions before they are allowed to graduate through levels.

Classes Offered:

Preschool Gymnastics: Beginning at age 4 and 5, your young gymnast will learn how to move in an efficient and athletic way.

L1 Gymnastic: We build your athlete up in the basics. This is the gymnast’s introduction to skills on each event: Bars, Beam, Vault, and Floor. We will review skill progressions every lesson, and we will teach new skills every lesson in addition to conditioning our bodies to reach the next level.

L2 Gymnastics: This level is a review of the basics, but we begin to learn skills that relate directly to team performance. We expect more proficiency in the entry-level skills in order to begin teaching the next level of development.

Pre-team: This is for those athletes who have scored out of the recreational levels. We expect a level of seriousness that shows the ability to be competitive.

Culprit’s Exclusive Gymnastic Team: This is the select team Culprit has chosen to represent us in competition. These athletes are committed to a future in gymnastics, they demonstrate a high level of skill and discipline.

In 2018, every Culprit team gymnast competed for a State Title and we had 8 Regional competitors!

For more info on team, See here: Team Info 2017-2018

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