December 3, 2016


Culprit Athletics is pioneering the world of tricking, and we want your young athlete to be a part of it! What is tricking? Simply put, it is a little bit of everything. Tricking is a brand new training discipline that began emerging in the early 2000’s as an internet phenomenon. Tricking evolved from multiple different backgrounds, and combines elements of tumbling, martial arts, and a creative mixture of whatever the individual ‘tricker’ brings to the sport. In addition, tricking is one of the few sports where there are no formal rules or regulations. Trickers are free to express themselves through creative and dramatic movements. Regardless of your child’s sport interest, Tricking is a discipline that literally anyone can get involved with and enjoy!

Occasionally Culprit will offer camps and clinics to teach tricking, but we regularly have an open gym where trickers can practice their skills.

Open Gym takes places every Saturday from 6:00pm until 10:00pm.