November 14, 2017

Parisi Speed School

Culprit is proud to introduce Parisi Speed Systems to our quickly growing performance training program.  The Parisi Speed School is the nation’s largest sports training company and currently has over 75 franchises located in 31 states. Over the last 20 years, the Parisi system has trained over 700,000 athletes from 7-18 years of age.  Included in that list of athletes are over 130 NFL draft picks and countless Olympic athletes.  Many NFL franchises and major college programs are supporters of the Parisi program.

We are Parisi’s first and only franchise to incorporate competitive gymnastics and cheer into their already hugely successful curriculum.

Are you ready for an evaluation?

The evaluation encompasses our Active Dynamic Warmup, a Running Analysis, 2 Laser Timed 20 Yard Sprints, a Vertical Jump test, a “5 Hop” Horizontal Jump test, a “5/10/5” Change of Direction Shuttle Run, a 200 yard Shuttle Endurance Run, a Chin Up assessment, and a Flexibility Test.  Each of these tests allows us to measure precise variables within your particular physical performance.  In particular, the 2 Laser Timed 40 Yard Sprints allow us to set standards for your 10 yard, 20 yard, and 40 yard sprint times.  Call us at (423) 771-5285 or Click Here to schedule your free evaluation and take the first step towards becoming a more explosive athlete.

 Click here to view the upcoming schedule: Performance Training Schedule 2018

Interested in Team Training?

Take advantage of our exclusive Parisi Speed School training with one of our Performance Coaches to take your team’s physical and mental game to the next level.  Teams of all sports and age groups are invited to benefit from this opportunity.

Plan your off-season workouts and book your spot early.  If you are interested in using our diverse equipment, athletic knowledge, and expansive facility, let us know!

Championships are won in the off-season!