Culprit hosts gymnastics from beginner Preschool classes all the way up to Elite Level USA Gymnastics. Whatever your level, click the link below to join a free session and get started with us. 

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Preschool Gymnastics

At our super-fun gym, we know that physical activity is a blast for all ages! That’s why we’re over-the-moon excited to introduce your little ones to the amazing world of gymnastics. Our preschool gymnastics program, perfect for the tiny tumblers aged four and five, is an action-packed adventure that kick-starts their journey into fitness and sets them up for success in all sorts of sports!

In our lively and playful classes, your mini gymnast will dive into the wonders of flexibility and strength, learning to move their bodies like true athletes with a dash of extra pizzazz! Our energetic instructors are dedicated to sparking your child’s passion for gymnastics while nurturing their skills and cultivating a love for this awe-inspiring sport that will last a lifetime. Let the fun begin!

L1 Gymnastics

Get ready to watch your young athlete soar as we start them off with the basics of gymnastics in our L1 Gymnastics class! This energetic and engaging level is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of Bars, Beam, Vault, and Floor.

Each action-packed lesson features a lively review of skill progressions, ensuring your child’s gymnastic abilities continuously improve. But that’s not all – our enthusiastic coaches will also introduce new, thrilling skills in every session, keeping your little gymnast eager to learn more.

Beyond mastering the moves, your child will also develop a powerful sense of self-confidence and begin conditioning their body for even greater athletic feats. Prepare to be amazed as your young gymnast leaps to new heights and tumbles towards a brighter future in L1 Gymnastics!

L2 Gymnastics

This particular class level will review all of the basics and skills learned during the introductory class, but the skill acquisition is faster and more in-depth. Your athlete will begin to learn new, specific skills that are related more directly to team performance. Our coaches expect to start seeing more proficiency in these entry-level skills in order to move forward with teaching the next level of development.Welcome to L2 Gymnastics, where we crank up the intensity and elevate your budding gymnast’s abilities to new heights! This dynamic class level revisits the fundamentals from the introductory class, diving deeper into skill acquisition and incorporating more advanced gymnastics terminology.

Watch your young athlete flourish as they master skills like handstands, cartwheels, and round-offs while progressing towards more challenging maneuvers, such as back walkovers, kips, and handspring drills. Our talented coaches will focus on perfecting form and execution, ensuring your gymnast is ready to tackle the next stage of development with confidence and grace.

In L2 Gymnastics, your child’s passion for the sport will skyrocket as they gain mastery over their techniques and prepare to captivate audiences with their newfound abilities. Join us for this exhilarating gymnastics journey, where every lesson is a thrilling combination of skill-building, camaraderie, and non-stop action!

Culprit’s Exclusive Gymnastic Team

Our Elite Team represents Culprit Athletics in competitive gymnastics, showcasing exceptional skill, discipline, and dedication. Handpicked for their unwavering commitment and remarkable talent, these athletes are driven to excel in the gymnastics world.

Join us in supporting these rising stars as they proudly represent Culprit Athletics, embodying the spirit of true champions!

Artistic Gymnastics Team
L2-L10, and Xcel Gymnastic Teams
Power Tumbling & Trampoline Gymnastics Team

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Athletes can come in for an evaluation so that we can place him or her on the best team based on age, experience, and ability.

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